Hello Big Blue Nation!!!

Gooooooooood Moooooooooorning Vietnam Big Blue Nation!!!!! This is the inaugural post of NBAcats.com, a website that will follow all things big blue in the NBA and beyond. I have always yearned for information about former UK players in the pros and how they are doing, but information has always seemed sporadic and difficult to come by and if any of you are as crazy and passionate about UK basketball as I am, I am sure you have felt the same way. Well, fear no more my UK brethren!!! You have just stumbled upon what will hopefully eventually become the #1 source for information about former Cats in the pros.

Over the next several months I hope to bring you all kinds of statistics, analysis, and everything and anything I can think of to add to your reading enjoyment. I will be entering the world of twitter soon and hopefully will begin making regular, daily tweets related to the site and our former Cats in the pros, so those of you that wish to do so (and I know all of you do), follow me @NBACats and receive an upgrade to your UK fan hood. Hopefully by this evening I will finish the first informative post, which will include player profiles of all of the former UK players currently in the NBA. Stay tuned, and stay classy Big Blue Nation.



  1. Cemarcus Dousins

    Go Cats! Can’t wait to see how this blog develops, I hate having to scroll through dozens of ESPN pages to get my Cats Stats. Plus KSR is way too spotty with their NBA CATS coverage. Great idea.

    • You are the first commenter in this blogs history. Thanks for taking the time to read the site. I will never forget you and this moment we have shared.

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