Writing takes longer than I remembered

So about those player profiles…almost finished. This whole writing schtick is taking longer than I remember writing schticks taking (plus I hate typing on an iPad..why not switch to a laptop you say? SILENCE!). In the meantime, what does everyone want to read about? Leave your comments on topics or points of interest you’d like to read about and I’ll try to focus on those topics. I would like to start making daily posts to the site, one for the morning poop, one for your lunch break, and one for right before bed. What are you all most dying to find out about our cats in the pros? I am also planning to provide lots and lots of links to articles, videos, and photos of our NBA Cats, as well as updated statistics and information on when our guys are playing and how you can watch them on tv. Eventually (if all my dreams come true) my little brother will finally stop by and teach my how to twitter and I can begin providing something similar to this, one of my favorite things to read on one of the best UK fan blogs out there, KSR. Go check it out.

Until we meet again, keep checking the site for updates and keep checking twitter for @NBACats (its going to happen eventually) and hopefully we can get this thing rolling.

And I promise I’m going to finish those player profiles.


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