The Wednesday Morning Furball


That guys jacket might be made out of 100% Furball, but this mornings post is made out of 100% Wednesday Morning Furball, making it like, 10 millions times better…looking…or something. I have absolutely no transition from that sentence to the next one I plan on writing so I’m just going to use this sentence. Before we get to the NBACats news, a couple of quick housekeeping notes…

A new writer will be making his debut post later today for Wednesday’s edition of the Mid-Day Meow. I heard that the first 25 people who read the post, make an initial investment of $9.99, and click this link will receive a free iPad.

– I am also very excited to announce that we now have two former NBACats following us on twitter, raising our street cred tremendously. One of those former NBACats is Walter McCarty, who we highlighted in last night’s post, and the other one will be revealed this afternoon, so stay tuned.


– A few weeks ago the fine folks over at the Bleacher Report gave some compelling arguments as to why Jodie Meeks should start over former Ohio State player Evan Turner. Obviously 76ers head coach Phil Collins read the article, as Meeks has now started every game this season for the team.

– What ever happened to Kelenna Azubuike? According to something called “the no look pass” sahcj bukddvkjb ubkdvb (no-look typing) Azubuike has become an NFL quarterback. Wait, what?

– In recognition of Demarcus Cousins two HUGE games last week, and a very solid game last night, here is a video of him throwing down a monstrous put-buck slam. Get-r-done Boogie!!!

– Lastly, Nazr Mohammed was out late again last night, scoring 8 points, 3 rebounds, and recording 1 block in only 9 minutes of action in the Thunders 119-116 victory over the Warriors. Kevin Durant banked in a shot with 14.2 seconds left to seal the victory for Nazr and Co. A full game recap, with pictures, can be found here.

Alright, that’s all for now. Like always, be sure to check back with us throughout your day, follow us on twitter @NBACats, and be on the lookout for new player pages. Go Cats!!


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