The Fat Tuesday Morning Furball

Flashback of Boogie doing work on tonight’s opponent for many future NBAcats.

Happy Fat Tuesday Big Blue Nation!! I will be bringing you the Morning Scratching Post here on I’ll be covering the NBACats news from a variety of avenues. I encourage you the reader to let your voice and interest be heard in the comment section of each blog.

NBACats in the News

– What is it about the Houston Rockets and utilizing undersized NBACats (Chuck Hayes and Patterson) as productive centers.  Head Coach Kevin McHale had this to say:

“I thought Patrick did a really nice job in the pick-and-roll coverage with (Grizzlies center Marc) Gasol, and we played that small lineup quite a bit to close the game,”

Patrick was also quoted in the article and had this to say:

“Because I am at the five-man position I am the biggest guy on our team on the court, therefore my responsibility is greater,” Patterson said. “As far as stopping the ball from penetrating to the basket to doing a better job on screen-and-rolls, most of the time I’m guarding someone who’s bigger than me at the five, so keeping them off the glass and giving my teammates a chance to get rebounds (is paramount).”

For the full story click here.

– Ladies and Gentlemen of BBN its speculated that Brandon Knight has a soul mate.  Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press covers the story here.

NBACats in Action

– John Wall had a quiet night logging 31 minutes and adding 10 points, 6 assist, 6 rebounds, and 4 turnovers. As Wall and the Wiz went on to lose to the Phoenix Suns 88-104. Full post game recap can be found here.

– Eric Bledsoe logged 5 minutes and 1 foul. Bledsoe did not attempt a field goal. As a result the Clippers lost to the Golden State Warriors  97-104.  Full post game recap can be found here.

– Enes Kanter- logged a total of 10 minutes with 4 points, 4 rebounds and 1 block. Had he played 40 minutes, hypothetically he would have tallied 16 points, 16 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Most likely resulting in a W, it’s that simple Coach Corbin. Full post game recap can be found here.



  1. in your face

    i agree. they need to “free enes” again. let him play more

    • It will happen.

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