This is Awkward


The last 4 mornings one of my best friends Jacob “Kelenna” Jessie, has been helping me out by writing the morning posts. On top of writing for the site, my man Jacob is currently juggling a wife, a 3-month old baby, a full-time job, graduate school classes, and a suburban garden. Many of you might have read the post he wrote yesterday morning about Kelenna Azubuike being signed by the Clippers. While the story was factually true and well written, the timing was a bit off, by about 4 years. It was an honest mistake from a man who desperately wants to see Azubuike back in the NBA and who rarely gets more than 5 hours of sleep, but unfortunately Azubuike did not sign with the Clippers.

Instead of pretending like this never happened and carrying on some awkward – did that really happen – vibe, I have decided to honor the gaffe in a new weekly post that will be called, Flashback Friday’s. The new post will start next Friday and in it we will bring you an interesting NBACats story from years past. I hope this will be enough for you to find it in your heart to forgive us for getting you all excited about seeing Kelenna again.

So to recap…we screwed up, we’re sorry, and now there’s a new awesome weekly post called Flashback Friday’s. Sound good to you?


1 Comment

  1. in your face

    I forgive him, but he might need to be demoted to “intern” … know “JTI”. i will let NBACats manangement make the call. LOL

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