The Mid-Day Meow

(I LOVE that picture!)

There won’t be any NBA games tonight as the teams are all still on their All-Star breaks. The action picks back up tomorrow, but until then, here are some NBACats news stories to hold you over.

– The guys over at Bullets Forever are taking an in-depth look at John Walls’ assists. One of the common arguments (I think it’s a fact) is that Wall misses out on assist opportunities essentially because his teammates suck. To find out whether or not this is true, they have decided to start a new project, which they are calling “The John Wall Missed Assists Tracker Count”. The project is going to take a look at how many missed assist opportunities John Wall has every game, and they are going to be tracking this for the rest of the year. I have seen John Wall play in person in the NBA only once, last year when the Wizards played the Indiana Pacers at Canseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. During that game I watched Wall make great pass after great pass only to see guys like Andre Blatche brick their shots. So far the project stats, which can be seen by clicking here, have shown that Wall has 9.7 missed assists a game. It’s a great article and a wonderful idea, and we’ll be keeping you updated on their findings throughout the second half of the season.

Rajon Rondo is still vying for a spot on the 2012 Olympic basketball team and ESPN Florida has this story about the tough roster decisions. At this point, Rondo is competing against some pretty heavy competition for a point guard spot on the team. Rondo is probably one of, if not the best, defensive point guard in the league, but the one thing that will always hurt him is his lack of a jump shot. With point guards out there who can spread the floor with their shooting touch, it’s unlikely we will see Rondo make the team.

– – When everyone learned that Jeremy Lin spent the first week of his meteoric rise to NBA stardom sleeping on Landry Fields couch, a new twitter phenomena started called #couchsurfing. recently asked all of the All-Stars whose couch they would sleep on if they had to and Rajon Rondo thinks he would sleep on Kevin Garnett’s couch, here’s the video.


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