The Monday Night Scratching Post

NBACats in the News

– Over at the Sacramento Kings official team website I found this awesome video of Demarcus Cousins at the Rising Stars Challenge. It’s a great video and includes Demarcus interviewing his fellow Rising Stars Challenge participants wearing the “Boogie Cam”, a camera mounted on a pair of ski goggles. Check it out.

– On today’s episode of ESPN’s, Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon had some choice words for our boy John Wall. Not only did he refer to Wall as the “the most dunk-obsessed Point Guard that he’s ever seen” he then told Wall he should learn something from Magic Johnson and “pass the ball!” Pass the ball to who Wilbon?

– Kurt Kragthorpe (he’s not related to Louisville legend Steve Kragthorpe, unfortunately), a sports writer with The Salt Lake Tribune, put together this article discussing what the Utah Jazz should do with the rest of their season. He wonders whether it’s fair to Jazz fans for the team to give up hopes of making the playoffs in order to develop their younger players, like Enes Kanter, by giving them more minutes. Here are the parts of the article where he mentions Kanter.

The other issue is fair treatment of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. Any extra minutes that go to Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter are taken away from those guys, who want to further their own careers. Look, I’m as tired as anyone of seeing Jefferson pound the ball into the floor with his back to the basket, but that’s how this offense is designed and he’s the team’s leading scorer. Millsap’s level of effort also merits playing time.

So the answer is just gradually increasing the minutes for Favors and Kanter. On the wings, the Jazz eventually should start Alec Burks and bring Gordon Hayward off the bench. That would help both of them, because Hayward’s game will expand only when he becomes a bigger part of the offense, such as playing with the second team.

Screw Utah fans. Give Kanter more minutes!

– Over at Need4Sheed, a website devoted to following the Detroit Pistons, they did the trendy thing and handed out mid-season grades. They gave Brandon Knight a grade of “Sheedtastic every Night” and they gave Tayshaun Prince a grade of “UnSheedtastic Signing and Play”. To find out what the Sheedhell all that means, read this article.

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