Ripley’s Tuesday Morning Furball


That disgusting, dirty amassment of fur, which I originally hoped was some form of “furball artwork”, is actually a living dog that was left for dead in a drainage ditch by it’s owners. The dog was rescued by an Animal Shelter and named Ripley because the folks at the shelter “wanted the dog to have a true believe it or not ending”. The show “Ripley’s: Believe it or Not” even found out about the dog and donated $400 to the shelter to help pay for “grooming, toys, food, and anything else the pup might need”, according to the article. Here is what the dog looked like after it’s grooming.


While that story is interesting, I am still on the hunt for furball artwork. If you happen to make this type of art (like this lady), please slap yourself in the face and go take a shower. Let’s get to some NBACat news…

NBACats in the News

Jodie Meeks has come under fire lately for his poor shooting, and some people want to see Rising Stars participant and former Ohio State Buckeye Evan Turner replace Meeks as the starting shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. Has Evan Turner ever scored 54 points in a game? No. Seems like an easy decision to me.

– The Detroit Bad Boys have decided to come out with their own Rookie Rankings, and they put their own guy, and our guy, Brandon Knight seventh. Do they know has Knight ranked fourth? Here is what they had to say about Knight:

7. Brandon Knight – Guard – Detroit Pistons
Given that turnovers have been the biggest problem in Knight’s game, he should be proud of his ball control in February. Knight averaged 1.8 TO’s per contest this month, down from 3.1 in January. He’s still not passing, averaging only 3.8 assists per game, and there are a few other troubling factors. He’s 48th amongst rookies in steal rate, which is an issue given that point guards are usually the most active in passing lanes. He’s also not getting to the line, attempting only 2.3 free throws per game this month. The improvement in ball handling is positive, but there’s little to nothing else to get excited about yet.

Patrick Patterson has played well this season coming off the bench for the Houston Rockets and today I found this great quote from the man himself talking about the Rockets recent success:

“I was hoping for being in the position that we are in, but it’s a great surprise and a great thing for what we’ve accomplished by beating these tough teams and playing pretty well on the road,” Patterson said. “And also just coming together so quickly and establishing the type of identity we have on and off the court and being OK with that. We’re all team players and we want to get the win, and that’s what’s most important. We’ve sacrificed so much, and it’s been working so far.”

Man I miss that guy in blue.

– In a trade rumor I hadn’t heard yet, I came across this article which talks about a possible trade scenario involving Tayshaun Prince to the Spurs, and I don’t like it one bit. First of all, how dare they consider breaking up one of our NBACat duos. Second, I really want to see Tayshaun Prince finish his career as a Piston. Someone make this trade go away (I’m looking at you David Stern!).

I’ll leave you with this John Wall summer league video. You might have seen it before, but if you’re like me, you could watch it every day, enjoy.


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