5 People You Should Hate

With many of our beloved NBACats currently sitting on the end of benches, not playing very often, I’ve decided to put together this list of players and coaches who you should hate. I went back and forth on whether or not I should use the word “hate”, but when I saw the above picture of Stan Van Gundy and felt like punching him in the face, I decided to use hate. Without any further ado, here are the players and coaches you should hate…

1. Stan Van Gundy – Orlando Magic

He refuses to play Daniel Orton. He prefers to go with former Puke Devil J.J. Redick over DeAndre Liggins, he’s brothers with ole’ baggy eyes and apparently he hates Jews. You should hate him.

2. Steve Novak – New York Knicks

My sister actually knows the person who is married to Steve Novak, and by all accounts he’s a very nice guy…but we still have plenty of reasons to hate him. In the 2003 NCAA Tournamet, Novak, as a member of the Marquette Golden Eagles scored 16 points, including burying 5 three-pointers to help DeWayne Wade defeat #1 overall seeded Kentucky. That right there made me hate him for life. But now, as a member of the New York Knicks, he’s screwing Big Blue Nation once again, taking all of Josh Harrellsons minutes. He should have been out of the NBA selling life insurance years ago. You should hate him.

3. Vinny Del Negro – Los Angeles Clippers

The man with the most racist sounding name in the NBA if pronounced incorrectly is number 3 on this list because he refuses to give Eric Bledsoe any minutes. He has turned Eric into the Jarrod Polson of the Clippers. According to my make believe source Bobby Joe Chester, Vinny Del “Negro” is a racist and former member of the Klu Klux Klan, and that is the reason Eric doesn’t play. You should hate him for being a racist.

4. Danny Ainge – Boston Celtics

I actually used to like Danny Ainge. I’m old enough to remember watching him play in the 90’s, and being a short white guy myself, I used to try and emulate a lot of his moves. But looking back on it, it ruined my childhood. Now he’s going behind my boy Rondo’s back and trying to find ways to get rid of him. This has led to all kinds of ridiculous articles blasting Rondo’s character and personality. So what he doesn’t like to be asked a bunch of stupid questions from a bunch of fat old white guys. The guy has built over $100,000 worth of parks in the Boston area, yet he’s supposedly some jerk. Danny, you don’t deserve him.

5. Earl Clark, Samardo Samuels, Francisco Garcia, Terrence Williams

You should never stop hating Louisville players.


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