The Mid-Day Meow, Tornado Edition

Friday was one of the more surreal moments of my life. Standing in the yard watching a tornado creep across the sky until hail the size of golf balls started falling and I was driven into my house for safety.

A couple pieces of hail I grabbed before I took cover.

The next morning I decided to go up and see if there was anything I could do help. Just getting into the town was a chore. Convincing the police officers that I was there to help and not to loot was a difficult task. After some persuading I was allowed to enter the city. The next 5 minutes were indescribable. Everywhere I looked there were roofs off of houses, fences torn down, power lines laying on the ground, it really reminded me of something out of a post apocalyptic movie.

I slowly reached my destination and helped to carry tarps and bottled water to the backyard of the house I was going to be helping with. As I came into the backyard I was shocked at the landscape before me. The tornado had passed through about 50 feet from where I was standing. All the trees were laid down the opposite way that the tornado was traveling. I apologized to the homeowner for want to take pictures when I should be helping, but he assured me it was fine. This was hopefully the only time I would ever get to see something like this.I noticed on the garage doors of all the homes in the neighborhood there were orange check marks spray painted. This touched me in a different way as I was leaving.

Picture towards the southwest from the rooftop I was working on.

The devastation was something I will never forget. What stands out most in my mind from my experience yesterday was the way the neighborhood rose up and started helping each other any way they could. Everyone from the untouched houses were helping their neighbors clean up the mess. The boy scouts and eagle scouts were walking around with backpacks full of bottled water handing it out. Just up the street a box truck had parked and was cooking food on a grill and handing out soft drinks. No one expected anything from anyone, yet everyone was helping anyway they could. This situation has brought out the best in so many people in my community, it makes me proud to be from southern Indiana.

On my way out of town after 3 hours or so of putting tarp on a roof. My mood changed dramatically. I was so proud to see everyone working together and not expecting anything in return that I was leaving with a good feeling. Until I saw the first house with an orange X painted on it. I remembered seeing the orange check marks and asked what they were for. I was told it meant the house was checked and everyone was accounted for. I didn’t think about the flip side until I saw this. It meant those people were unaccounted for. The horror of the situation set back in and I had a sense of sadness, fear, inability to do anything to help.

As I drove away with Henryville in my rearview mirror, I realized that I had seen things this day that would be with me the rest of my life. The overall good of people, the shock of seeing a disaster of this magnitude, the insignificance of not being able to do anything about those orange X’s. This was a day I will never forget and I’m going back to do it all again tomorrow.

This picture was taken looking to the southeast from the rooftop.

Hold your family a little tighter today.

As for your NBAcats last night:

  • Nazr Mohammed had 2 pts and 3 rebs in 7 minutes of action.
  • Daniel Orton had 1 rebound in 1 minute of action.
  • John Wall had 24 pts 5 rebs and 5 assists in 36 minutes.
  • Tayshaun Prince had 13 pts 3 rebs and 4 assists in 38 minutes.
  • Brandon Knight had 15 points 7 rebs and 2 assists in 41 minutes.
  • Enes Kanter had 1 point and 4 rebs in 14 minutes.

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  1. Levi

    Nice article about the strength of a community. If only Enes Canter had more strength he could do better than one rebound. #overhyped

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