Looking at the 2012 FutureNBACats.

I need this picture as a poster for my wall.

Now that the regular season is over, I think it’s time to look at our #FutureNBACats we will be following here on the site. Looking over many different draft boards I see the same thing at the top.Harrison Barnes Anthony Davis seems to be the consensus #1 pick. I have yet to find a source where he is not. This is an easy pick for whoever wins the lottery and gets the next all star that is Anthony Davis. Anthony is long, athletic, and a defensive machine. You bring a ball into the post and shoot it, you might as well turn around and start chasing it down. Although he has shown offensive dominance, that is his weakest point. Must be nice to show dominance and that’s the thing the media tries to pick on. Anthony at the #1 pick will give me years of stories to write here on nbacats.com.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist I have seen projected anywhere from 3-11. Even though he says he is going to graduate from UK, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. I feel like MKG will fall somewhere in the 8-10 range. He has an unbelievable motor and the defensive skills of a seasoned veteran. His downfall in the scouts eyes I believe will be his lack of shooting ability outside. If he continues to work on this aspect of his game he could very well be a future all star, but I do not see it improving enough in the next 2 months to increase his draft stock into the top 5.

Terrence Jones can completely take over a game when he feels like it. That is going to be his biggest weakness, when he feels like it. He gets into funks that causes his defense, as well as his offense to decline. If Terrence continues to grow, and mature on the court, we are going to see a good NBA career out of him.

Doron Lamb is projected anywhere from 18-35. I see Doron going in the mid to late first round 20-25. Doron is automatic from 3 and continues to improve his defensive game. He won’t dominate like Terrence can, but what team doesn’t want someone who can go out and hit 50% of their 3’s? His attitude is top notch and will be a good clubhouse guy if I can use a baseball term.

Darius Miller is projected in the late second round in some of the mock draft boards. I think Darius will go in the 50’s even though I would take him at #2. It should be hard for a team to pass up on a 6’8″ guy that can shoot, post up, and take you off the dribble. Oh and don’t forget, there is this part of his game.

And this

Please Darius don’t hurt ’em.

I would cover Mookie too, but I think we will see him back next year.

This years draft cats will be one to remember. You can always follow them and keep up to date on their NBA careers right here on nbacats.com.

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