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Rajon Rondo

Kevin Garnet was so excited about Rajon Rondo’s record-setting triple-double last night that he decided to keep the box score “as a witness that I was here and I actually got to see this up front and center.” For those of you who may not have had a chance to witness the game yourself, here are the highlights:

NBACats in the News

– Back in 1993 when a tank a gas would only cost you $1.00 (trying to channel my inner Earl Cox), NBA rookie Chris Webber (playing for the Golden State Warriors) was having a feud with his then head coach Don Nelson. Nelson liked to play the 6’10 power forward in the post and had a tendency to run a lot of small-ball with Webber playing center. Webber could pass and shoot and didn’t want to play this style of basketball and after a well-publicized dispute, Nelson was fired and replaced with a different head coach whose offensive philosophy better fit Webber’s style of play. So it wasn’t all that surprising when we found out that Demarcus Cousins has been getting advice from C-Web all season:

“I have the utmost respect for C-Web, he’s a real person,’’ Cousins said. “He just gives me advice, tells me how to handle situations. He went through similar situations so of course he has advice for me. I guess you can say a big brother looking over me.’’

Normally I would say getting advice from a guy who can’t remember how many timeouts he has is a bad idea, but if it works for Cousins, it works for me.

Brandon Knight has been impressing people with his stellar play. After starting the season on the bench, it didn’t take long for the Pistons to realize what they had and move him into the starting lineup. He’s continued to improve since earning the starting nod and recently The Detroit News wrote this article talking about the growth Knight has displayed this season. Here is an excerpt for all you anti-link clickers:

For his first 19 games, Knight had only one game without a turnover, but in his last 19 games, he’s had five such games. The often steep learning curve has been helped with the constant film work he puts in, along with on-court help from assistant coach Dee Brown.

“He’s starting to see the floor and understand why you do things,” Frank said.

Knight possesses the basic tenets of what good point guards have: unselfishness, court vision, quickness and a willingness to get others involved. He’s averaging less than four assists a game, but in the last month, his assist to turnover ratio has been two-to-one.

It’s also precisely why Frank isn’t yet willing to pinpoint what kind of point guard he’ll be. In today’s NBA, they come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

“He’s getting it and it takes time,” Frank said. “It’s so early and you don’t want to put a guy in a box.”

He’s playing a lot more off the ball, as well. It often seems that Rodney Stuckey takes the majority of the ballhandling duties, which in effect, makes Knight a shooting guard.

“I have to make sure I’m creating space, I don’t want to bring my defender to Stuckey,” Knight said. “I have to find the right balance between being aggressive and challenging things.”

“He’s our second-best 3-point shooter,” Frank said. “He didn’t play like a traditional point guard (at Kentucky). There’s a lot of shots to be created from Stuckey’s penetration.”

– For all you sports memorabilia junkies out there I found the deal of the century. For just $6.08 you could have your very own autographed Daniel Orton rookie card. That card will be worth thousands of dollars one day.

– Found this great article over on which takes a look at the Top-10 freshman in UK history. Current NBACats Demarcus Cousins and John Wall made the cut and FutureNBACat Anthony Davis also makes an appearance. I typically don’t agree with most lists I read, but this list was pretty good. Who would you put in your Top-10?

Finally, don’t forget to check out the NBACats Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @nbaCATS for the latest news, and keep an eye out for a new Eric Standiford post later this afternoon taking a look at the 2012 NBA #DraftCats. Go NBACats!!


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