Is Rajon Rondo Dating Kim Kardashian?

How are you still on TV?

No, he is not, but if Kim is looking to date the hottest thing on the hardwood look no further than Rajon Rondo. Rajon has been filling the news up lately with rumors of a possible trade away from the Celtics. With this much air time he should have caught Kim’ s eye already.

Rajon has been rumored to be Laker bound. With him in the city of angels a reality star would be born. He is supposedly high maintenance, so him and Kim on the beach arguing over who will order their next bellini would be television gold. (This is where I wish there was a sarcastic font).

So Kim if you are looking to date an athlete look no further than Reggie Bush Miles Austin Kris Humpheries Rajon Rondo.

With his monster of a game the other night, I think he had something to say to Danny Ainge. He said “Trade me and this is what you are losing.” Rondo had 18 points, 20 assists, and a career high 17 rebounds for his 2nd triple double in 3 games. Wait, what? Let me say that again, 18 points, 20 assists, and a career high 17 rebounds. You could take a triple double away and he still had a heck of a game 8 points, 10 assists,and 7 rebounds.

There are times as fans we need to take a step back and realize when we see something special. This is one of those times. I anticipate this will be up for an ESPY of some kind, individual performance or something,so take it all in. Rondo is showcasing why he is made for reality TV. He has no issues telling his boss where to stick it. (That goes out to you Danny Ainge.)

So Kim when you’re done reading this, go ahead and give Jeremy Lin Rajon Rondo a call, you and him could make wonderfully unbearable television together.

Spendin' Cheese

“I see you Kim. You like my triple double. Yeah you do.”



  1. in your face

    good post. very entertaining. wonder what tubby thinks of the guard he struggled to coach.

    • He’s prolly thinking, Minnesota sucks!

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