Hump Day Highlights

One of the greatest things about being a UK basketball fan is the insane amount of coverage the team receives. Not only can you watch every single game on TV, there are pre-game shows, post-game shows, call-in shows, beat writers, newspapers, and hundreds of fan blogs and websites covering the team. One website in particular, Kentucky Sports Radio, is so popular it draws over 175,000 hits a day and has grown large enough to support a weekly radio show and television show. Anytime you want to find out anything about what is going on with the UK basketball team there are quite literally hundreds of places to go find it.

When it comes to following our former players in the NBA, it’s a whole different ball game. Players are spread out across the country, rarely appear on TV and hardly ever get mentioned by the local media who cover Kentucky basketball, much less SportsCenter. We here at are on a mission to provide you with this missing link in the UK basketball family chain. In addition to providing you with nightly box scores, live gamecast links, breaking news and stats and analysis, we also want to make sure all of you have the chance to see our players playing in actual NBA games. So without any further ado, I give to you the best highlights I could find for the players from the 2010 and 2011 NBACat classes, enjoy.

NBACats – Class of 2011

Josh Harrellson’s first shot in the NBA.

Brandon Knight highlight mix tape (good quality).

Enes Kanter putting in work against Miami.

DeAndre Liggins doesn’t have any highlight videos, yet, but he’ll always have this.

NBACats – Class of 2010

Patrick Patterson highlights from his rookie season.

Eric Bledsoe is good at blocking shots.

Daniel Orton has played 7 career minutes, so instead of highlights, here’s this guy.

Demarcus Cousins highlights.

John Wall is not human.


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  1. in your face

    all this and march madness to. i love it.

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