The Mid-Day Meow

Alright meow where were we? Meow I know you have a couple of minutes to sit down and read this post. Meow do I look like a cat to you? Meow stop laughing right now and let’s get to some notes on our NBAcats! Oh and if you like that clip from Super Troopers as much as I do watch it HERE. Right MEOW!!

NBACats in the News

– Al Jefferson has been hazing our boy Enes Kanter, and I don’t like it one bit. According to the Salt Lake Tribune…

One day after brining (dunking) donuts to practice, rookie center Enes Kanter received some good, old-fashioned hazing. Big Turkey was sent to the top of the 300-level inside the arena, after Jefferson politely asked him to professionally determine if a large, inflatable Budweiser bottle was real. About five minutes after navigating his way through stair sets and dark hallways, Kanter victoriously emerged. The Bud, however, was a fake.

If Al Jefferson is ever in Lexington, everyone please make sure this happens to him.

Rajon Rondo is living proof that it doesn’t matter where you get drafted. 20 teams in the 2006 NBA Draft had a chance to take the talented point guard but passed him up for memorable players such as Adam Morrison (#3), Mouhammed Sene (#10) and Quincy Douby (#19).’s Ian Thomsen recently put together this great article talking about how Rondo has proven that draft position has little bearing on point-guard play.

– Unfortunately this really happened. Demarcus Cousins penis now has an official website address where you can go and see it. Apparently Cousins texted actress/model/hooker Asia Monroe the picture and shortly thereafter the trifling ho put the picture online. If you really want to see it, you can click the link, but let me warn you, it’s graphic.


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