Fact or Fiction – NBACats Edition


ESPN recently asked NBACats writer Adam Barron to be a panelist on their weekly series called, 5-on-5: Fact or Fiction, to answer some questions about the upcoming trading deadline. Here it is…

1. Fact or Fiction: Orlando will move Dwight before the deadline.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss, HoopSpeak: Fiction. I think Orlando would rather roll the dice and see whether he re-signs. If he doesn’t, the void left is a catalyst toward a future top pick. Something to watch for: If New Jersey wins the draft lottery, I think it effectively wins the Dwight sweepstakes. Even Pat Riley’s hair frizzes from the thought of Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Anthony Davis.

Adam Barron, NBACats: Fact. I think Orlando will finally realize the amazing potential of Daniel Orton (and DeAndre Liggins) and send Dwight on the next bus out of town. Howard has never developed a post game and didn’t even attend college. Orton is a guy who spent a semester and half attending college classes, so not only does he have a higher ceiling than Howard, he’s smarter than Howard. Orton is a guy the Magic can build around, and contend for championships for years to come.

2. Fact or Fiction: The Clippers must make a trade.

Myles Brown, A Wolf Among Wolves: Fiction. The Clips are playing .500 ball since Chauncey Billups tore his Achilles, and counting on Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe has never made anyone any money. But a trade may not do them any good in the long run. No one wants their scraps, and they aren’t likely to deal away any of their assets. For now, it’s best to gauge what this team is capable of in the playoffs and make a run at a replacement in the offseason.

Zach Harper, Daily Dime Live: Fact. The Clippers must make a trade. I’m not exactly sure what they have to trade outside of Eric Bledsoe, but they definitely need to find a way to bring in another wing. What would be awesome is if you could trade coaches. I’d have the Clippers trade two future first-round picks and Vinny Del Negro to Portland for Nate McMillan. He could make them defensive enough, right?

Adam Barron, NBACats: Fact. The Clippers have only one player that is capable of leading a team to a championship and that’s Eric Bledsoe. If the Clippers are smart, they’ll trade Chris Paul and Blake Griffin before the March 15th deadline and starting building around Bledsoe. It’s the only way they’ll ever win a championship.

Full article can be found here (disclaimer: the version of this article on ESPN.com might be missing the parts about NBACats due to a technical error).


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