Joe Dumars talks Brandon Knight, Tayshaun Prince…..and Demarcus Cousins?


The Detroit News’ Bob Wojnowski recently sat down with Pistons president Joe Dumars to ask him some questions about his two NBACats Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight.

Q. As you watch young guys like Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight develop, do you feel more hopeful now, especially compared to the 4-20 start of the season?

A. Oh, yeah, obviously when you got Monroe and Knight representing you as young stars on All-Star weekend. You got Monroe posting double-doubles every night. Brandon is really holding his own as a point guard, and you can see flashes of what this kid can do. And they’re 21 and 20 years old, so you feel good about your future

Q. You said any move has to be for the future. How does that mesh with the re-signing of Tayshaun Prince, or keeping other veterans?

A. What we’ve said, and what we continue to say, is that any young team needs a veteran presence. You’re not gonna get rid of everybody who’s over 21. This is Ben (Wallace)’s last year, and the rest of the guys are basically in their 20s.

NBACats also asked Dumars some questions, which we have taken completely out of context below.

Q. So what do you think of Demarcus Cousins penis on the internet, do you all talk, does he send you naked pictures of himself?

A. As much as I need. Whenever I need to call him, he’s there. He’ll text me, he’ll call me. It’s been good.

Q. Do you think that picture was of Cousins penis, or someone elses?

A. (Laughs). I don’t know which one. Because, is it Chauncey? Is it Ben Wallace? Is it Larry Brown?

Q. Do you think if Cousins ever wanted to make a second career in pornography, he’d have a good career?

A. That’s what I’m saying. Exactly. Tough call, man. Tough business.

(full interview here)


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