The Wednesday Night Scratching Post


Well that was a big waste of time. DeAndre Liggin and Daniel Orton both failed to play in tonights game, although I did see both of them on the bench, so at least there’s that. This was the fourth straight game that Liggins has failed to play. On 2/29 against the Wizards, he played a career-high 16 minutes and recorded 3 points and 3 rebounds. Liggins has played in 4 games this season with the Magic, and currently averages 2.0ppg and 1.3rpg. Orton has played in 3 games this season, most recently on 3/3 against the Milwaukee Bucks. He is currently averaging 0.7ppg and 0.3rpg. Let’s hope the Magic make some moves before the tradeline, because as it stands right now, Liggins and Orton are rotting away in Orlando.

NBACats in the News

John Wall and JaVale McGee were recently rated as the NBA’s 4th best alley-oop combo by the Bleacher Report, and I’ve got the details right here:

While the duo of John Wall and JaVale McGee have had plenty of memorable aerial hookups, more time has been spent criticizing the ineptitude of the overall framework of their Washington Wizards team. The Wizards were so bad that it already led to the firing of a veteran head coach in Flip Saunders.

Chances are high that it was probably the players’ fault and not the coach who has won 638 wins over his career. The level of maturity on the Wizards is incredibly low, and you’re sure to be in for a circus-like performance whenever you have the misfortune of watching them. While it can be entertaining to watch these young stars, it’s also incredible to see how ridiculous some of their plays are.

Instead of focusing on how bad the Wizards are, which is what everyone has done this season, we’ll focus more on the alley-oop tandem of Wall and McGee. It didn’t take too long for these two to get acquainted with one another, as Wall’s quickness, athleticism and passing ability complemented perfectly with the athleticism and freakishly long arms of McGee.

The point guard has the tough job of getting the pass to the right spot, but McGee makes Wall’s job so much easier. Being 7’0″ already helps, but having arms as long as McGee’s, coupled with so much athleticism, makes life all the more simpler for Wall when he’s getting ready to make a highlight play that involves his center.

Take a look for yourself…

If Anthony Davis ends up with the Wizards next year, I think they’ll have to change their list.

– According to the, Enes Kanter has a phone addiction.

– Louisville beat Marquette tonight in the Big Least Tournament quarterfinals. You can go back to hating Marquette now.

– Looks like Eric Bledsoe is going to be staying in Los Angeles, according to Clippers GM Neil Olshey:

“Eric Bledsoe is going to play an intricate role as he gets healthier as he continued to get back in the flow,” Olshey said. “He’s a young, dynamic, athletic guard that’s had big games for us in the past and gives us a great look with (Chris Paul),” adding, “We’re not looking to make any changes there.”

Hopefully they’ll take our advice and trade Chris Paul.

For those of you who aren’t calling sick tomorrow to watch the UK game at 1:00, make sure you remember to set your DVR. Have a good night.


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  1. Kaet

    Isn’t there an ESPN curse with covers?

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