Keeping Up With Your NBACats: Jodie Meeks

Jodie Meeks has been in the news lately with him getting moved out of his starting role and Evan Turner taking over. Doug Collins has stated that it was nothing that Jodie personally did, the team just needed a shake up after a recent 2-8 slump. Jodie took it in stride:

Obviously, people want to start, but if that’s the role people want me to play, I’ll do it, I’m all about winning. As long as we win, I’m fine with what they have me doing.

Jodie is a professional and he shows it with these type of comments. I think MKG has a lot of Jodie in him. Both are great guys with the team on their mind first, but we will have plenty of years to talk about MKG so lets continue with Jodie.

2011-2012 stats:

  • Points per game 8.4
  • Rebounds per game 2.5
  • Assists per game 0.7
  • Steals per game 0.7
  • Blocks per game 0.1
  • Free throw percentage 89.5%
  • Three point percentage 38.52%
  • Field goal percentage 42%
  • EFF +7.86

Jodie was the 41st pick in the 2009 NBA draft and went to the Milwaukee Bucks. He was traded later that season to the Philadelphia 76er’s. Jodie had started 102 consecutive games for the 76er’s until this recent move by Doug Collins.

Jodie will always have a place in Kentucky lore for making everyone realize that 54 is not just Patrick Patterson’s jersey number.

Man I can watch that video all day.


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