NBAcat Picks

(Put down the plastic fork Jonathon, everything is going to be ok)

Meet Jonathon Mousette. Jonathon is the proud owner and operator of, one of the best websites I’ve stumbled across in my lifetime. The site features exclusive YouTube videos of Jonathon making his NBA, NASCAR, College Basketball and MLB picks. Even though I haven’t understood half of what he’s said, the passion and dedication with which he makes his picks has inspired me. Also his relentless consistency. From now on NBAcats will be picking the winners for all NBAcats games in a new project which will be called, “The NBAcats Picks”, until I can come up with something more clever. With any luck, we’ll go undefeated and win millions of dollars. This is Adam Barron of NBAcats and, how is it going, happy monday to you. Let’s get to the picks…

76ers vs. Bobcats (7:00 PM EST)

The Bobcats suck, Jodie Meeks is amazing, I think I’ll go 76ers 149 – Bobcats 31. Can someone in Charlotte please tonya harding Evan Turner. Just kidding. I shouldn’t have said that. Maybe a car wreck. Wow. I should just stop. #GiveMeeksHisJobBack

Boston vs. Atlanta (7:30 PM EST)

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Rondo is the first player in more than two decades to record a 30-15-10 triple-double with 10 FG’s and 10 FT’s in a non-overtime game. In other news that won’t affect your life, I’m going Boston in this one. Boston 93 – Hawks 92. I went with a closer score this time because Josh Smith went to the same high school as Rondo, and I think that will have a huge impact on this game.

Magic vs. Bulls (8:00 PM EST)

Part of me wants to see the Magic lose so head coach Steve Van Gundy will get fired for not playing DeAndre Liggins and Daniel Orton, but I just can’t pick against my boys. Magic 92 – Bulls 88. Can anyone tell me why Dwight Howard plays over Orton? Anyone?

Current Record: Undefeated


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