Patrick Patterson Fined $25,000


Patrick Patterson was fined $25,000 by NBA Vice President Stu Jackson yesterday for comments he posted on Twitter allegedly critizing officials following the Rockets loss to the Suns on Sunday night. According to Pro Basketball Talk, this is the tweet that has the NBA’s painties in a wad.

This game shows how biased & onesided the **** are in this league. Wish we had a superstar. #smh #nocalls. Still proud of how we fought.

As you can see, Patteron has been framed. Not once does he mention refs, referees or officiating. Here is what I think Patterson was really trying to say.

“This game shows how biased & onesided the **** are in this league.”

The four stars in that sentence stand for “fans”. Patrick was merely trying to make the observation that fans in the NBA are always biased & onesided. Good point Patrick.

“Wish we had a superstar.”

Don’t we all.

“#smh #nocalls”

Patrick used these hashtags to let people know that he was upset that the “fans” have been shaking their heads at him and not calling him. He just wants them to like him.

“Still proud of how we fought.”

Playing in a hostile enviroment, he was proud of how his team fought. What’s wrong with that?

Clearly the NBA and Stu Jackson got this one wrong. Using the * symbol in a sentence can be tricky and lead some readers to confuse what you are saying. For example, **** you Stu Jackson. It’s unfortunate that this miscommunication has led to Patterson being fined such a large sum of money. At least it goes to charity.


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