NBAcat Picks

That garbage man you just watched tear a mailbox out of the ground is upset because he found out Eric Bledsoe and the Clippers lost last night. As you can tell, he doesn’t like it very much when his beloved NBAcats lose. Like him, I usually take NBAcat losses pretty hard as well. Earlier this season when Rondo and the Celtics endured a tough losing streak I temporarily became an arsenist. Everytime John Wall and the Wizards lose I immediately start beating my wife. Back in the 90’s, after Jamal Mashburn got drafted by the Dallas Mavericks I started using heroin and crack cocaine. I’m sure you guys have been there too. We’ve all been there. Let’s get to the picks.

Toronto Raptors (Magloire) vs. Chicago Bulls – 7:00 PM EST

Derrick Rose may have been coached by Calipari, but Jamaal Magloire went to Kentucky. Raptors win 87-86.

New York Knicks (Harrellson) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (Meeks) – 7:00 PM EST **ON ESPN**

Josh Harrellson went to the Final Four. Jodie Meeks scored 54 points against Tennessee. Knicks win 55-54.

Orlando Magic (Liggins, Orton) vs. Phoenix Suns – 7:00 PM EST

Would you rather live in a desert or near the beach? Magic win 92-88.

Washing Wizards (Wall) vs. New Jersey Nets (Bogans) – 7:30 PM EST

Ever since the Nets waived Keith Bogans after he suffered a season-ending injury, they’ve been dead to me. Wizards win 109-62.

Los Angeles Clippers (Bledsoe) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Mohammed) – 8:00 PM EST

The Clippers don’t have an answer for Nazr Mohammed, but the Thunder don’t have an answer for Eric Bledsoe. This one’s a toss up. Thunder win 114-113.

Detroit Pistons (Knight, Prince) vs. Denver Nuggets – 9:00 PM EST

Brandon Knight has one of the best official fan twitter accounts in the world (@BKnightNBA) and Tayshaun Prince has more freckles than anyone in the NBA. Pistons win 99-89.

Career Record: 4-4



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