John Wall is Stealing Money From His Coach


Sorry, I was just trying to get your attention. John Wall isn’t actually stealing money from his head coach, but he might as well be. Wall has Kentucky in a bet with Wizards head coach Randy Whitman (an Indiana alum) on tomorrow night’s game against Indiana. That’s stealing folks.

From (source) :

“We should have beat them,” said Wall, who only recently watched the entire replay of the 73-72 thriller, won by Indiana on a 3-pointer as time expired.

Kentucky is the top seed in the South region, Indiana the fourth seed.

“[Coach Wittman] thinks they are going to win again, but I don’t think there will be another upset.”

Shockingly, the player who was on Indiana’s 1981 national championship team has a completely different take.

“Indiana baby, why not,” Wittman said, who after college played his first five NBA seasons with the Atlanta Hawks. “We did it once and now we’re going to Atlanta, my old stopping grounds as a player. I’ve got good vibes on this one.”

As for the wager…

“Oh absolutely,” said an excited Wittman. “We did the last time so it’s double or nothing – but I’m not going to tell you what the bet is.”

The terms of the secret bet are truly under wraps. Even to the other participant.

“He won’t tell me the bet neither,” Wall said. “He said it’s a bet, I don’t know what the bet is but I know it’s a bet.”

I hope it’s for a million dollars. If you happen to run into the same fortune as Wall did, a passionate IU fan willing to make a stupid bet, go ahead and steal their money. We will personally guarantee your bet in the event Kentucky loses (which will not happen) and you lose your bet (*see disclaimer below).

*disclaimer: thats not true

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