NBAcat Picks (3/26)


With all the excitement of live tweeting Kentucky’s Elite 8 victory over Baylor yesterday for @BBNSWAT, I didn’t get a chance to make my picks in what has become one of my favorite posts, the NBAcat Picks. While this makes me very sad, UK is in the Final Four for the second straight year, so who cares. Let’s get to today’s picks.

– Orlando Magic (Liggins, Orton) @ Toronto Raptors (Magloire) – 7:00 PM EST

If Daniel Orton started I would have to go with the Magic, but Steve Van Gundy still thinks Dwight Howard is better (what an idiot). Magloire will be too much for Howard to handle. Raptors win 89-86.

– Detroit Pistons (Knight, Prince) @ Washington Wizards (Wall) – 7:00 PM EST

Brandon Knight verse John Wall. Tayshaun Prince verse who ever plays small-forward for the Wizards. This is going to be a great game. Wizards win 155-154 in 6 overtimes.

– Boston Celtics (Rondo) @ Charlotte Bobcats – 7:00 PM EST

The Bobcats aren’t just a bad team, they also have D.J. White, a former Indiana player playing for them. Gross. Celtics win 94-63.s

– Utah Jazz (Kanter) @ New Jersey Nets – 7:30 PM EST

Kanter hasn’t been playing all that well lately, but that changes tonight. Kanter hates the Nets for unmercifully waiving Keith Bogans after he sustained a season-ending injury, and I think he’ll be fired up. Plus the Nets suck. Jazz win 102-88.

– Milwaukee Bucks @ New York Knicks (Harrellson) – 7:30 PM EST

The Bucks have some of the ugliest uniforms in the NBA and their team name is designed to illicit obscene jokes by opposing fans. The Milwaukee Sucks suck. Knicks win 114-82.

– Sacramento Kings (Cousins, Hayes) @ Houston Rockets (Patterson) – 8:00 PM EST (NBA TV)

Patterson was recruited to be the next Chuck Hayes. Cousins and Patterson played together. None of this information has anything to do with tonight’s game. Rockets win 101-100.

– Blue Orleans Hornets @ Los Angeles Clippers (Bledsoe) – 10:30 PM EST (NBA TV)

Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler will look to turn their romance on the bench into chemistry on the court and tonight it will work. Clippers win 109-92.

Career Record: 16-15


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