Brandon Knight has no regrets about leaving Kentucky


From the Detroit News…

Brandon Knight will be like most college basketball fans Monday night. He plans to watch — from his living room couch and with some good snacks — the NCAA championship game between Kentucky and Kansas.

There is a difference, though. Knight knows most of the players on Kentucky’s team because he played there for one season in 2010-11 before declaring for the NBA draft. He either played with the Kentucky players or met them through the recruiting process.

But Knight says he has no regrets leaving Kentucky and he is glad he was drafted by the Pistons.

“I’m happy with my decision,” Knight said. “I’m happy to be playing for the Pistons. I love this organization. Of course, I would love to be playing for coach Cal (John Calipari). He is part of the reason I am here (in the NBA). I’m definitely happy for them, but I’m definitely happy to be here. They don’t need me. They are doing a great job with the pieces they have. That’s why they are in the championship game.”

Knight would not guarantee victory but picked Kentucky to win the game.

“I’m confident they will win as long as they keep playing the way they have been playing,” he said.

(source: here)


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