John Wall wants John Calipari to get his first championship


Unfortunately for John Wall, the Washington Wizards play the Milwaukee Bucks tonight beginning at 7:00 PM EST, so he’s going to have to set his DVR to catch the game. I contacted the NBA to see if they would consider rescheduling the Wizards, Rockets, Thunder, Clippers, Kings and Jazz games tonight so our NBAcats could watch tonight’s game, but they have again refused to reply. When asked about missing the UK game tonight due to the Wizards playing, this is what Wall had to say,

“That’s disappointing,” Wall said. “Hopefully, we can win the game and get it over with, so I can go watch the ‘Cats win the championship.”

Now that’s someone who still loves his Wildcats. Wall was asked a lot of questions about Calipari and this year’s team. Here are some quotes you can put on the Wall (I love puns).

On whether he wants John Calipari to win the Championship

“I want him to get his championship. I think he’s been to the Final Four a couple of times. I think they’ve had a great season so far, so to cap it all off, it’ll be good to win a championship,” Wall said. “He never expressed it to me, but you know how much it’ll mean to your coach. Especially after the year that he lost with Derrick Rose, to lose with some free throws down the stretch. We went to the Elite Eight and last year, a team that nobody expected to go far made it to the Final Four and lost to a good UConn team. I think it’s time for him to win one. I think, third time is a charm, so hopefully he can win it.”

On why he chose to play for Calipari and the Wildcats

“I just liked his style of offense,” Wall said. “When I first watched Derrick Rose play at Memphis, I said this is the style I could play in, the way I like to play basketball and see how he got those guys to play. Being competitive and seeing how they was as a team. He had a lot of players there and that made me want to play for Coach Cal.”

“His demeanor, how he treats players on the court and off the court, he’s going to push you to be your best every night and all the drills are competitive,” Wall said of Calipari. “You’re being competitive with those guys every day. You get used to being with each other and he does a lot of stuff to make sure that you’re together, bonding together and getting along. If you buy in or go with the team’s flow, and you’ve got a lot of All-Americans buying into the team concepts, and if not, you probably won’t play.”

On this year’s team

“I think they just got so many weapons,” Wall said. “Different guys can take over at any time. That’s the toughest thing about them, you’ve got to hope three or four of them are off. If one or two of them are off, you can bring one of them off the bench, use another starter to get it going. That makes the team deep, especially if you attack the rim because they are so athletic. [Davis] is just the backbone of their defense, so if you get past them, they’re guards or perimeter players, he does a great job of not fouling and just blocking shots.”



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