Tayshaun Prince will be Rooting for Kentucky tonight


From the Detroit Free Press…

Want to see Tayshaun Prince smile? Ask him about his rivalry as a University of Kentucky small forward against the University of Louisville.

As an impressionable freshman from Compton, Calif., Prince and the Wildcats lost at Louisville, 83-74, on Dec. 26, 1998, then dominated the Cardinals during his final three years.

Prince still has strong ties to UK and will be rooting hard for the Wildcats tonight when they face Kansas for the NCAA championship.

Video of Prince at Kentucky:

“I’m not surprised at the intensity of the rivalry at all, especially with (Rick) Pitino coaching (Louisville) now,” he said, after scoring 24 points to help the Pistons to a 110-107 overtime victory against the Bobcats on Saturday night. “It was intense before Pitino became coach. He started coaching there when I was in school — my last year there.

“I lost to them my freshman year. But other than that, no; that’s bragging rights. We blasted them all three times. I had a little bit more control and say-so after my freshman year.”

Prince said he felt the intensity of the rivalry right away.

“Yeah, right away, especially the first year,” said Prince. “The first year we had a lot of altercations in the game, a lot of technical fouls. It’s always been like that, but it’s even worse with the fans. The fan situation is extremely intense.”

Under Tubby Smith, Prince made an Elite Eight appearance and two Sweet 16 showings, not great by Kentucky standards.

Prince averaged 13.1 points in his UK career, about the same as his Pistons career average.

(source: here)


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