Could John Wall and the Wizards actually land Anthony Davis?


Could John Wall and Anthony Davis end up playing for the same NBA team? g;gvcnhc. Sorry that was my head hitting the keyboard after I passed out from thinking about that last sentence. I sure hope they do, and I bet Wizards fans do as well.

Earlier today, the Washington Posts’ Wizards beat writer Michael Lee put together an excellent article talking about the chances of the Wizards landing Anthony Davis. Here are the highlights from the article.

As Wizards players got dressed in the locker room after a 112-98 loss to Milwaukee on Monday, they couldn’t stop from pausing every now and then to look up at the first half of the NCAA national championship game between Kentucky and Kansas on flat screen televisions.

Kentucky alum John Wall had a rooting interest, with his former coach, John Calipari, and former teammate Darius Miller close to reaching a goal he was unable to fulfill in his one season with the Wildcats. But the Wizards had more than a cursory interest in watching Kentucky claim its eighth national championship with a 67-58 victory over the Jayhawks.

They may have also been taking a long look into their future.

The Wizards (12-41) have the second-best odds of landing the right to draft Anthony Davis, who claimed most outstanding player honors after scoring six points with 16 rebounds, five assists and a championship game record-tying six blocks. He joined Carmelo Anthony and former Bullet Pervis Ellison as the only freshman in the modern era to win tournament MOP.

Here is what Wall had to say about Davis.

“He’s been playing like national player of the year, the whole year to me. Protecting the rim, blocking shots,” Wall said about Davis. “He’s starting to show his offensive skills, stepping out, making shots. He always did a great job rebounding. He’s just the backbone of their defense, so if you get past them, they’re guards or perimeter players, he does a great job of not fouling and just blocking shots.”

The Wizards chances of landing Anthony Davis.

Charlotte has a 25 percent chance of winning the top overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft lottery on May 30, but the Wizards are right behind at 19.9 percent. New Orleans (13-40) is also making it a tight race for the most ping pong balls, at 15.6 percent.

Since the NBA instituted the weighted lottery system in 1990, the team with the second-worst odds has won the No. 1 pick three times – in 1992, when Orlando won Shaquille O’Neal; in 1996, when Philadelphia won Allen Iverson and in 2009.

What say you? Would you like to see Anthony Davis playing alongside John Wall?



  1. Mrs.NBACats

    If Anthony Davis gets drafted to the Wizards, does that mean you are going to buy me a Davis shirt for Christmas in your size, just like you did with the Wall shirt last Christmas?

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