Anthony Davis NBA Draft News


Now that Anthony Davis has completed his “won” and only season at Kentucky, the Internet has come alive with Anthony Davis to the NBA stories. Here are some of the best one’s I could find.

– Anthony Davis ready to claim a spot next to NBA’s all-time best centers

No, this isn’t an exercise in the limits of hyperbole. The first mention of Russell—from Pitino, after Louisville had the sky blotted out by Davis in the national semifinals Saturday—seemed a bit over the top at the time. Not any more.

Speaking of limits, it’s now far too restricting just to discuss the 6-foot-10 Davis in the context of the greatest freshman seasons ever. Or in the context of simply college basketball, for that matter. Forget “Never Nervous” Pervis Ellison and Carmelo Anthony, his predecessors as freshmen Final Four most outstanding players, and Kevin Durant, the last previous freshman to be named national player of the year.

It takes reaching into the pros to find players who compare to Davis, who controlled games without scoring.

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– Is Anthony Davis better than Blake Griffin?

1. Who would you rather have: ’09 Blake Griffin or ’12 Anthony Davis?

Brett Koremenos, NBA Playbook: Anthony Davis. Griffin’s entertainment value largely hides the fact he is a one-dimensional player. Davis, meanwhile, has the ability to be devastating defensively and, at the very least, a solid jump-shooter on offense. Even if the current version of Griffin was allowed back into this upcoming draft, I’d still pick Davis. His ceiling could be one of the top 20 or so players of all time.

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– Please NBA GM’s, Don’t Ruin Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is a special talent that has the potential to affect NBA games like few prospects can. Monday’s stat line (six points, 16 rebounds, six blocks, five assists, three steals) was ridiculous, but we can expect more nutty stat lines to follow in the NBA. As one NBA personnel director told Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn, Davis can’t be contextualized because he’s so “unique.”

And that’s potentially a problem.

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