If David Stern and John Calipari had their way, the one-and-done rule would be changed

David Stern and John Calipari definitely agree on one thing: the “one-and-done” rule needs to be changed.

David Stern has been criticizing the rule just about every chance he gets, and in recent interviews, Stern made it clear what his opinion on the matter is.

“We would love to add a year, but that’s not something that the players’ association has been willing to agree to,” Stern said. “They would probably say, ‘What would you give us?’ ”

Just like Stern, Calipari also doesn’t like the rule, and after winning Kentucky’s 8th National Championship on Monday, he had this to say about the “one-and-done” rule.

“I don’t think it’s a good rule. And I hope we change it before this week is out so these guys all have to come back.”

According to Stern, the NBA is not forcing players to stay in college for one year, they’re just merely prohibiting them from playing in the NBA until they’re 19.

“That’s not our rule. Our rule is that they won’t be eligible for the draft until they’re 19. They can play in Europe, they can play in the D-League, they can go to college. This is a not a social program, this is a business rule for us. The NFL has a rule which requires three years of college. So the focus is often on ours, but it’s really not what we require in college. It’s that we say we would like a year to look at them and I think it’s been interesting to see how the players do against first-class competition in the NCAAs and then teams have the ability to judge and make judgments, because high-ranking draft picks are very, very valuable.”

While technically the NBA isn’t forcing players to stay in college , it’s obviously the best option for any player with NBA aspirations. If the rule was not there, players would declare, and when it wasn’t, they did. In droves.

Personally I would like to see a system similar to Major League Baseball adopted by the NBA. Major League Baseball has the following eligibility requirements in regards to high school and college players:

  • High school players are eligible only after graduation, and if they have not attended college.
  • Players at four-year colleges are eligible after completing their junior years, or after their 21st birthdays.
  • Junior and community college players are eligible to be drafted at any time.

With this system, top-rated high school prospects would have the option to go directly to the pros right out of high school, or if they did pick a four-year college, they would be required to stay 3 years.

I know it’s selfish as a UK fan to want players to play for UK for multiple years when they would prefer to make millions of dollars in the NBA (can you blame them?), but I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

What rule do you think the NBA should adopt?



  1. big T

    Is it surprising the Cats won? Please leave me your massivly honest responses.

    • I was not surprised…was that massive?

  2. MrsNBACats

    Can you imagine what the team would have been like this year with the “three then free rule?” John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, Anthony Davis, MKG? Unstoppable.

    And I know. . . .if we still had some of the players from three years ago, other players would have gone some place else where they were guarenteed more playing time. No need to get techincal.

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