Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin talks about Enes Kanter

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on with Enes Kanter, especially considering Tyrone Corbin will only spend around 10 seconds talking to a Turkish reporter about him and he has to compete for minutes with 984 pounds of other Jazz big men (I added up their weights…soooo worth it).  Other than Grantland.com, which regurlarly ranks Kanter in their rookie power rankings, and a guy named memoismoney on YouTube that compiles Kanter-only highlights of almost every game, Kanter receives little fanfare.  More importantly, he doesn’t receive enough minutes.

Kanter is only averaging 13.5 minutes per game.  I just can’t accept that someone of Kanter’s caliber, who the Jazz drafted with the 3rd overall pick, doesn’t get more minutes.  If he were allowed to play the same amount of minutes as let’s say, Dwight Howard, who plays 38.2 minutes per game, Kanter would be averaging 13.3 points and 12.7 rebounds per game.  Only 7 players average double figures in both points and rebounding (including Demarcus Cousins).  He’s playing well, he’s just not getting the minutes.

What I find really interesting about Kanter though, is just how much you guys want to know about him.  Out of all 16 of the NBAcat player pages we have on this site, you guys have clicked on Enes Kanter’s more than any other player.  The poll might say that Tayshaun Prince is the most popular, but the clicks speak for themselves.  You guys love you some Enes.

With that in mind, and since the Tyrone Corbin video lasted about as long as old Ricky Porncini, here is a video I have always loved watching.  For some reason when Enes says, “We are…Utah Jazz”, it makes me crack up laughing everytime, and then I usually start crying.


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