Kings center Hassan Whiteside not impressed with Anthony Davis breaking freshman blocks record


Hasson Whiteside is barking up the wrong tree. The former Marshall player and current Demarcus Cousins teammate recently told the media he wasn’t impressed with Anthony Davis breaking his old record for most blocks by a freshman in a single season. Luckily Cousins is there to remind him he played for Marshall. From the Sacramento Bee…

Kings center Hassan Whiteside’s NCAA record for blocked shots by a freshman was broken Monday night by Kentucky’s Anthony Davis as the Wildcats beat Kansasfor the NCAA championship.

Whiteside set the record with 182 blocks in the 2009-10 season at Marshall. Davis finished with 186 blocks and is the presumed first overall pick in June’s draft if he leaves college.

Whiteside noted he set his record in 34 games while Davis needed 40 games.

“He went to the (NCAA) tournament,” Whiteside said. “I would have been more impressed if he would have blocked 13 shots (in a game) or had the most triple doubles.”

That season, Whiteside also led the nation in triple doubles with three.

Whiteside said teammate and former Kentucky star DeMarcus Cousins ribs him about setting his record against lesser competition.

Whiteside added that his Marshall team lost to the same West Virginia team that eliminated Cousins’ Kentucky squad from the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

I can’t wait for the first time Anthony Davis blocks his shot.

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