Dwight Howard Out, Daniel Orton IN


From HoopsWorld…

Howard woke up early on Friday morning and flew to Los Angeles with Magic physical therapist Ed Manalo. He was evaluated by a back specialist, who diagnosed Howard with a herniated disk. Howard has been advised to rest for 10-15 days, which means he could miss the remainder of the regular season.

With Dwight Howard most likely out for the season, there is a chance we might soon see the world embrace…Ortsanity?

If Jeremy Lin can do it, why can’t Daniel Orton do it? Lin was a player who barely played his first 2 years. Orton is a player who barely played his first 2 years. Lin graduated from Harvard. Orton went to some of his classes for 2 semesters at Kentucky (sorry Daniel I’m still upset about that). Daniel Orton basically is another Jeremy Lin waiting to happen. Even though he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities this year, Orton has played in each of the last 3 games, the most consecutive games he’s ever played in his career. He hasn’t played spectacular in those games, but hopefully he can finally get it going tomorrow night against the Cavaliers.

The Magic declined Orton’s contract option back in January, which will make him an unrestricted free agent this offseason. More than any other current NBAcat, Orton needs to prove to the NBA community that he belongs in this league. Hopefully over the next several weeks he can make the most of his opportunities and impress a team out there willing to give him a chance next year. Despite all his shortcomings, he’s tall, and that’s something every NBA team needs.

If Orton can make an NBA roster next season, and Keith Bogans and Kelenna Azubuike can recover from their injuries, Kentucky is likely to have 23 players in the NBA next season. NBA2k13 is going to be AWESOME!



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