Brandon Knight should study Deron Williams


David Thorpe of ESPN has been doing a series of Insider articles giving each rookie a veteran player they should study to improve their games. His latest addition to the series profiled our very own Brandon Knight, who he thinks should study Deron Williams…

There are two kinds of point guards in the NBA, natural ones and ones that had to be taught how to play the position. Despite what you might think, neither has an advantage over the other. Knight is not a natural point guard. He sees the bucket and scoring chances for himself more than anything else, which is only a bad thing if he never learns how to play as a true point guard. Williams, on the other hand, can control the action while sprinkling in his scoring when necessary. And when he needs to be a bucket getter, it’s also a very natural thing for him.

If Knight can learn the craft of being a point guard, he’ll become an excellent player, because at some point in the next few seasons he’s going to be able to score efficiently. I also think he can learn to use his size better, as Williams does when he hammers smaller guys in the paint off cuts.

Personally, I think Deron Williams should be studying Brandon Knight.

(source: here)


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