Which situation would tempt Calipari more: John Wall, Anthony Davis and the Wizards, or Brandon Knight, Anthony Davis and the Pistons?


From the TruthAboutIt.net…

#1) Kentucky Coach John Calipari has given no public indication that he’s interested in leaving Kentucky for the NBA, but it would be shocking if he didn’t at least privately consider it. On a related note, it seems as if Anthony Davis will leave and be the consensus No. 1 pick, and barring something historic, the Pistons and the Wizards seem bound for the NBA lottery. Which situation would tempt Coach Calipari more? John Wall, Anthony Davis and the Wizards, or Brandon Knight, Anthony Davis, and the Pistons?

VINCENT GOODWILL (Detroit Free Press): I would think the Pistons because they seem closer to contention than the Wizards, along with Anthony Davis being the closest thing to a perfect complement to Greg Monroe that the Pistons could ever find. Knight, Monroe, Rodney Stuckey and Jonas Jerebko looks to be a solid foundation compared to Wall, Nene and…exactly. Also, Calipari wasn’t a complete disaster at New Jersey, taking them to the playoffs in 1998 but with full organizational control it was too much to handle. That’s not the case in Detroit, where although Joe Dumars has had some blemishes, he knows how to put together a championship core. Can the same be said for Ernie Grunfeld in D.C.? If he wants personnel control, I’d assume the Wizards would be the better choice. But if it comes down to roster and how close each team is to contending if you add Davis, it’s the Pistons and it’s not close.

PATRICK HAYES (ESPN True Hoops Blog): If we’re just limiting to those two players from each team, it’s definitely Wall-Davis. Knight has shown some flashes of good play, but nothing to suggest he has the franchise player ceiling Wall does. However, the fact that the Pistons have a potential All-Star big in Greg Monroe in the mix too and Cal’s guy, Worldwide Wes, has Detroit ties too, could maybe swing things in the Pistons’ favor. Fortunately, the Pistons seem pretty happy with Lawrence Frank, and they’ve become too cheap to pay coaches who would come with Calipari‘s asking price, so I don’t think they’ll have to worry about this scenario.

RASHAD MOBLEY (Pistons Powered, Truth About It): Assuming Detroit is in position to draft Anthony Davis, Coach Cal would rather have Davis, Knight, Greg Monroe, Ben Gordon, and Charlie Villaneuva and Rodney Stuckey as his core group. He’d be crazy not to jump all over that. But as LeBron James’ decision to go to Miami over Chicago demonstrated, sound basketball reasoning isn’t always the driving force behind these types of decisions. And given the fragile state of John Wall’s tenure in D.C. beyond his rookie contract, Ted Leonsis would surely throw copious amount of cash at Coach Calipari. Calipari would choose the Wizards, speak of new traditions and bringing a title to D.C., and Detroit would be left cold(er).

nbaCATS: Why would Calipari ever want to leave Kentucky? The real question here is whether Calipari would cheer harder for the Pistons with Anthony Davis or the Wizards with Anthony Davis. Knight isn’t as flashy as Wall, but he’s a much better shooter, and could team up with Davis to create a lethal pick-and-roll/pick-and-pop game. Wall on the other hand, could team up with Davis to form one of the most exciting transition teams in the NBA while blocking TONS of shots. Davis will be the best shot-blocker in the NBA the moment he steps foot on an NBA floor and Wall is the top shot-blocking point guard in the NBA already. This is very hard, but I think Calipari would cheer harder for Davis and Wall. Both were rated the #1 player in their class by most services, and both will be #1 overall draft picks. He’d still cheer very hard for Knight and Davis, but Wall and Davis would be on another level.

Who do you think Calipari would cheer harder for? Who would you cheer harder for?

(source: here)


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