5 questions with DeAndre Liggins


From the Celtics Hub….

1. How has the whole Dwight Howard-Stan Van Gundy situation affected you guys, especially down the stretch of the season?

Liggins: What you talkin about?

1b. You know, that Dwight could pick Stan’s fate, and the front office?

Liggins: Pick what? I don’t know nothing about that.

1c. You think those two have a good relationship?

Liggins: Yeah they do. From my perspective I would say they do. That other stuff you are talking about I don’t know what you are talking about, like Dwight picking. Especially me being a rookie, I definitely don’t know.

2. How has Glen Davis been like as a teammate this year?

Liggins: He’d been great man. He’s our emotional leader. He’s been playing well, he just needs to continue to play well for us.

3. How did Coach Calipari help you get ready for the NBA?

Liggins: Yeah he… I mean he defined my game. That’t what got me here, and I’m going to continue to do that.

4. Any regrets at all skipping your senior season after watching them [Kentucky] win it all?

Liggins: No. I mean I knew we had a chance if I came back to win it all. I knew they were going to win it all, so I just made my decision. I don’t regret it or anything like that.

5. How would you access your rookie year?

Liggins: I mean I’m happy even though I ain’t playing, but I’m learning. Summer league is coming up so I’m excited about that. Just continue to work hard, that’s all I can do.

(source: here)

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