Latest 2012 NBA mock draft has the Sacramento Kings taking Darius Miller


From Bay Area SBNation…

The Sacramento Kings are in good shape to land a top-five pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Kings currently have one of the worst records in the NBA, and they might have coverage.

DraftExpress releases his latest mock, and the Kings take a really impressive big man in Kansas’s Thomas Robinson. Robinson is a solid power forward with great rebounding skills, and could team up to be a devastating tandem with DeMarcus Cousins on the inside and really complete Sacramento’s big men lineup. Darius Miller gets picked in the second round as possibly the team’s newest wing player.

Darius Miller to the Kings would be a great fit, both for him, and for us. The Kings seem to develop young players (see Isaiah Thomas, Demarcus Cousin, Marcus Thornton) which would be great for Miller, and we would get to see three of the most beloved UK players of all-time playing on the same team for the first time in their careers.

The problem is, for some reason the Kings think they should draft Thomas Robinson (who plays the same position as Chuck Hayes) with their likely top-5 pick. If the Kings are gonna take Miller in the second, why not take Terrence Jones or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (if he’s still left on the board) instead and go ahead and create the first NBAcat super team. With 4 Wildcats on the team, they would instantly become title contenders and could start considering changing the team name to the Sacamento Wildcats. Sacramento is in California, I’ve always wanted to go there, what’s not to love?

Other Teams that could build NBAcat Super Teams

The Detroit Pistons (Prince, Knight): they would most likely want either Terrence Jones or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (if he’s still on the board) since they already have a point guard in Brandon Knight, and shooting guards in Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon. If they did end up drafting Jones or Gilchrist, it would seem likely the Pistons would trade Tayshaun Prince to free up minutes, which would leave the Pistons with only 2 NBAcat players.  That’s awesome, but it’s not a super team. Even if Tayshaun stayed, I never like when 2 former UK players have to compete for minutes on the same team, so really, if this scenario did play out, I would hope the Pistons would trade Prince to the Wizards. They could also draft Darius Miller with their top-5 pick, but the only people who would like that would be UK fans and people from Maysville.

The Orlando Magic (Liggins, Orton): they are in need of a lot of things, but as a UK fan, I wouldn’t want any of our players getting drafted by them. They kept Daniel Orton on the bench for almost 2 full seasons, only playing him after injuries forced them to, and DeAndre Liggins hasn’t faired much better. Stan Van Gundy just doesn’t give young players a chance to play, unless he has to. Plus, with the Magic already declining the third year of Ortons’ contract, they will only have 1 NBAcat on their roster next season. You would think Teague could develop nicely behind Jameer Nelson and one day take over the starting job, but with Van Gundy, we wouldn’t see him play for years.

So which team has the best chance to become an NBAcat Super Team?

The Wizards. With the second best chance of nabbing the #1 overall pick, they could easily find themselves in a position to draft Anthony Davis or Gilchrist, and with a second round pick, possibly also secure Darius Miller. Combine that with trades (Prince), free agency (Orton) and John Wall, and you are looking at a very exciting and good NBAcat Super Team.

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