Demarcus Cousins learning how to avoid technicals, and $25,000 fines


From The Sacramento Bee…

Cousins is still one more technical foul away from a one-game suspension. He has 12 and looked awfully close to No. 13 a few times against the Spurs.

Cousins was fined $25,000 for public criticizing officials after the Kings lost to the Los Angeles Clippers April 5, so he was careful with his words after fouling out Wednesday night.

“It’s tough,” Cousins said of figuring out the physical play. “I really don’t want to speak on that because they’re after me. People are after me. It’s frustrating but you’ve got to deal with it.”

Cousins’ frustration was obvious during the game, even in the middle of possessions. Smart said there was still progress.

“Number one thing was he stayed in the game, he didn’t getting ejected for technicals so that’s a step for him right now,” Smart said. “He still has to go through a lot of things as our team continues to grow. But I think the fact that he’s trying to manage not getting the calls … you’ve just got to focus on the finish and not worry so much about the calls. Just focus on the finish and perhaps you’ll get a call after you finish the play.”

(source: here)


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