The Best ‘Do the John Wall Troop 41’ Video You Will Ever See In Your Entire Life

The blurry camera effect for ambience. The intense dance moves. The paper airplane at the 1:42 mark for reasons I can’t even understand. The blank stare from the 2:15 to the 2:30 mark. When he ducks out of the camera’s view at the 3:22 mark, stays out of the camera’s view for over 10 seconds, and then pops up and says, “What up, Here we is”. What more is there to life?

When it’s all said and done, after our grandchildren have become historians and written new history books, this young man will be remembered as the creator of the greatest what do you call this type of video rendition of the Do the John Wall Troop 41 music video of all-time.

One minute I was trying to look up John Wall highlight videos and the next minute I’m staring at the next winner of America’s Got Talent. You never know when you’re about to discover the next big star. You never know.


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