Kelenna Azubuike played last night for the first time since 2009.


From The Two Man Game…

The big news of the night: Kelenna Azubuike (zero points, 0-2 FG, two turnovers) took the floor as a Maverick for the first time, and looked very much like a player who hasn’t been in the NBA for two seasons. His apprehension was palpable; although ‘Buike has clearly done the work to stay in game shape and likely has kept his skills relatively sharp, basketball requires a sense of timing that can only be honed through repetition. Based on the few burst cuts we saw, I highly doubt that Azubuike spent most of his time on the floor as a spot-up shooter because of any lingering knee pain. Instead, he likely doesn’t know how or when to cut with an offense he’s barely even practiced in. He’ll come around after postseason rehearsal, summer league, training camp, and preseason bring him up to speed, but in the meantime Azubuike is an energy asset at best.

An energy asset at best? How dare you. Kelenna Azubuike was an absolute monster at Kentucky, and after declaring for the draft following his Junior season, went undrafted. Bust just like Chuck Hayes had done before him, he fought his way into the league, eventually becoming a starter for the Warriors where he had a productive three years, averaging 14.4 ppg and 5.0 rpg in 2008-9, before suffering the knee injury that has been holding him back ever since.

He’s also quite possibly the strongest looking person I ‘ve ever seen in my life.

(source: here)


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