Future is bright for Brandon Knight


From The News Herald…

Watching Brandon Knight play, sometimes you forget he is just 20-years-old. Listening to Knight talk, sometimes you forget he is just 20-years-old.

Knight has had his ups and downs like every rookie does, but you can sense he just gets it. And by it, I mean what it takes to be a successful point guard in the NBA.

Point guard is the most difficult position to play in the NBA. Striking a balance between getting your teammates involved and finding your own shot is a difficult task.

Many guards are only good at one or the other. Knight has the ability to be good at both.

Point guard is also very mentally demanding. Pistons coach Lawrence Frank expects his point guards to make mental notes and basically log the game in their head, something Knight embraces.

“You log the game as a point guard, you know exactly what a coach is talking about,” Knight said. “You don’t have to watch film all the time. If he goes back and says, ‘You should have done this on this play.’ You go, ‘I know exactly what play you are talking about.’ You make a mental note of it and try to correct it when you’re in the same position the next game.

“Just knowing who’s touched it and who hasn’t touched it,” Knight added. “Knowing when we ran this play last time, what did we get out of it and what’s worked a lot throughout the game. Just keeping a note of certain things like that. Just through a lot of studying with Dee Brown, Steve Hetzel and coach Frank, just teaching me those certain type of things. I think I’ve gotten a lot better at what to look for.”

Knight’s averaging 12.8 points on the season, second among rookies. He’s hit 100 3-pointers, a franchise record for a rookie.

Knight’s assist numbers have steadily risen as the season’s gone on. He averaged 3.0 assists in December, 3.4 in January, 3.7 in February, 4.3 in March and 4.0 so far in April.

Knight struggled in Detroit’s last two games, both blowout losses. But prior to that, he had a four-game streak where he had seven or more assists and also averaged 21.8 points…

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