Apparently University of Cincinnati fans hate Kentucky


When people criticize you, it usually means your doing something right.

Some of you may or may not be aware of the Cincinnati Reds controversy over honoring the UK basketball team. Many University of Cincinnati fans were upset with the decision to honor the team and allow Calipari to throw out the first pitch. Honestly, I don’t think I ever realized UK was so hated in Cincinnati. Mainly because I never think about Cincinnati.

That’s why when I stumbled upon this article written by John Popovich, a writer, I found it very amusing to read first hand accounts of just how much Cincinnati fans hate us. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Wow! I sat down Monday night with my laptop and a cold beer. I knocked off a few paragraphs about the controversy over the Reds decision to honor the UK basketball team . I went to bed by 1:30 a.m. and put down a book by 2. All seemed pretty calm.

When I woke up and fired up the laptop, I couldn’t believe what I found. Email after email about being a Kentucky fan, loathing a Kentucky fan, living with a Kentucky fan and tolerating a Kentucky fan.

I thought I’d share some of the emails that I received. There’s been more than 150 since Monday night. And most were sent with lengthy, well-articulated replies. And they’re still coming.

Most admitted UK fans are flawed, but harmless. Many serial killers are often described the same way. Mark wrote “the vast majority are sensible and also have a life other than basketball.”

Robin remembers taking her son to a Cyclones game and hearing a UK score being announced.
“Kentucky was winning and most of the fans yelled out their boos. I thought ‘why are they booing?’ I learned how Cincinnati fans literally hate UK. Why, because they are winners.”

Steven was in the same vein. “I truly think the reason UC fans despise UK so much is simple…jealousy.”

JK wrote “on a large scale, why does much of the entire world hate the USA? It’s simply envy.”

Donna confessed “UK fans are so obnoxious, but dedicated.” She seems to know firsthand, telling me “A UK loss is hell to deal with under my roof.”

Dave added, “while some may be obnoxious, it is only a small percentage. They are just the loudest.”

Scott admitted that he renamed his nine-year old daughter Kidd-Clifton in honor of UK freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Scott, you need help.

Cara and her husband own a bar in Northern Kentucky. Even in Newport, she’s found that many of her patrons despise UK fans. “When I ask why, many say ‘I just do.'” That certainly clears that up.

Amy in Villa Hills wrote that “One Facebook friend threatened to unfriend anyone who said something negative about UK” I think Pravda has the same policy.

Just about every one of the Kentucky fans who wrote indicated that while their loyalties were with the Big Blue, they were also proud that teams excelled this year from UC, Xavier, Ohio State, Ohio U and Indiana. Even Louisville.

Joe wrote “I live in KY, work in Ohio and sometimes gamble in Indiana. It would have been great if it would have been KY, UC, X and Louisville in the Final Four.”

Rhonda of Cincinnati echoed similar thoughts: “I work at the University of Cincinnati, but I am proud to say I BLEED BLUE. I was proud we had so many local teams in the tournament. I rooted for all of them.”

Some of the responses were disappointed over the hubbub. “Get over the parochialism Cincinnati sports fans,” wrote William. “Give credit where credit is due,” suggested Mariah of Liberty Township.

I think Bob, a UK fan from Cincinnati liked the verbal sparring. “I’m glad the haters are back,” he wrote. “It just means we’re back on top!”

While they were in the minority, I did hear from staunch UK haters. “I wouldn’t walk across the street to see John Calipari or the trophy,” wrote Jason from New Vienna.

“I have a hard time supporting a team that makes a mockery of the phrase ‘student athlete,'” wrote one anonymous e-mailer.

Hector added “Long live Christian Laettner.” That’s vicious, Hector.

Carol’s dislikes go beyond the Blue Grass state. “Like the Pittsburgh Steelers, being honored in the same manner, the Kentucky Wildcats and Pittsburgh Steelers are the most obnoxious fans in all of sports.”

Cathie of Mount Sterling told me she married an Ohio State fan. “First I was introduced to a spoiled rotten football fan who thinks the world is ending when OSU is losing. Upon moving to Kentucky, I discovered a whole state of similar with basketball.” Cathie will soon be considered for sainthood.

Stephen made me laugh when he wrote “My wife, who grew up in Hyde Park was pretty sure I-75 was the Indiana state line when I met her.” I know what you mean Stephen. I lived in Delhi for 12 years, and I swear we had friends there who wouldn’t have considered driving to the eastside of Cincinnati to have dinner. It was unthinkable.

But that’s off the topic. Let me end with a note from Rusty. “I especially loved when you pointed out about all the wasted time that w e(in Greater Cincinnati) spend on silliness. If we learned to treat each other with respect, the area would again become a most viable and livable place for all people.” Well said.

Thanks for all those who read and responded. I read each and every e-mail. And I plan to respond to each one. Except for the lady who called me “just another gutless UK jackass who spent most of his time at Ohio U face down in a Court Street gutter.” That really hurt. But I wonder how she knew about Court Street.


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