Rajon Rondo helps 9-year old who was almost shot by stray bullet get Celtics tickets


I love reading stories like this about former Wildcats, especially when they involve the often misunderstood Rajon Rondo.

From NESN.com…

Preston Jacksonwas in his upstairs bedroom last Wednesday when, out of nowhere, a stray bullet narrowly missed making contact with him.

Instead, it went through his shirt, which happened to be a Boston Celtics No. 9 jersey.

After All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo heard about Jackson’s story, he decided to surprise the 9-year-old with tickets to Wednesday’s game against the Miami Heat, according to the Celtics’ team website.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on the news when they reported what happened to Preston,” Rondo said. “Preston was the victim of a senseless act and I didn’t want his love of basketball to be affected by what happened.”

In addition to the tickets, Jackson and his family received a tour of TD Garden and got to sit courtside for the Celtics’ pregame warmups. Rondo also gave out sneakers and a new, autographed No. 9 jersey before posing for a picture with Jackson and his sister.

“It felt really good to meet Rondo,” Jackson said. “This was the best moment of my life. I’m always going to remember this.”

(source: here)


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