Demarcus Cousins reflects on the 2011-2012 season, the possibility of playing in the Olympics and more

From Cowbell Kingdom…

As usual, DeMarcus Cousins was honest and candid during his final postgame media session of the season following last night’s win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Below are a few bulletpoint quotes and comments he made during the scrum.

When asked how he felt about coming to the end of another NBA season, he smiled and replied: “I’m getting old. Felt like it was just yesterday I was coming into the league.”

Cousins acknowledges that his game has come a long way in just his second NBA season. He believes the improvement is partly due to being in a position to succeed this year as opposed to last. “It’s improved a lot. But I definitely had the opportunity to do it this season. Last season I felt I was held back – a lot of circumstances last year. But I definitely improved a lot.”

If afforded the opportunity, Cousins would like to play in the Olympics. He says it would “be an honor” and was bold enough to say he’d make the London roster if invited to Select team. “I feel like if I did go play for the Select team, I probably would get a spot, honestly. But, we’ll see.”

Cousins won’t be content with another losing year in 2012-13. “It’s my second season of losing. Not trying to get used to this. I didn’t want to get used to it last year. It’s time to turn things around. I’ve had enough of it. I had enough of it last season, but it’s time to turn it around.”

The Kings big man is happy to go a full offseason and training camp knowing head coach Keith Smart will be at the helm. He cites continuity as key.” I’m definitely excited to play for him next season. It’ll be his system. We’ll go into training camp with him, so I believe next season will be a lot better.”


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