Charlotte Observer doesn’t even think Anthony Davis can help the Bobcats


From the Charlotte Observer…

Let’s establish this up-front: No one player — not Anthony Davis or LeBron James or Superman — could fix all that is wrong with the Charlotte Bobcats.

They earned that 7-59 record by being the worst offensively (last in the NBA in points scored and field-goal percentage) and among the worst defensively (27th among 30 teams in points allowed and 29th in opponent field-goal percentage).

It was not uncommon for opponents to score 60 or more points in the lane. You can’t survive giving up that many dunks and layups without a stellar offense, and a team shooting 41.4% for the season is miles away from stellar.

He goes on to talk a lot about the Bobcats defencies and ways they could get better, if you want to read that, click here, otherwise, here is the part where he talks about Anthony Davis later in the article.

Improvement from the outside: If the Bobcats get the No. 1 pick, it would be the first time in franchise history. Davis could eventually be a perennial All-Star. He’ll have immediate impact as a shotblocker/rebounder (an obvious area of need) and he has huge potential offensively with shooting and ballhandling skills more like a guard than a big man.

If the Bobcats aren’t lucky enough to draft Davis, they could go in any direction. There’s no position (with the possible exception of Henderson at shooting guard) where the Bobcats are so set you would pass on the best talent available.

The draft and free-agency are separate functions, but they are related. Free-agency comes down to cap room and recruiting. It would be easier to sell a free agent on playing in Charlotte if that player knew he’d have Davis behind him, swatting at opponent shots.

Nothing against Charlotte, but I hope desperately Davis doesn’t end up there.

Only three times since 1990 has the worst team won the NBA lottery. Let’s hope it stays that way.


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