NBA Cats Playoff Preview: DeAndre Liggins, Daniel Orton and the Magic take on the Pacers

(can you find Daniel and DeAndre?)

Are you going with the stupid question-and-answer format again?


Jodie Meeks and Josh Harrellson have both barely played in their games today, should we expect the same with Daniel and DeAndre tonight?

With DeAndre, unfortunately yes. With Daniel, I think no. With Dwight Howard out for the season with a back injury, the Orlando Magic are in desperate need of one of their bigs to step up. Former LSU Tiger Glen “Big Baby” Davis has been starting in place of Dwight since he went down with the injury, with Daniel backing him up. Orton hasn’t really been all that consisentent when he’s been given minutes, but the Magic need him, so I expect to see him play. I think if he gets in there and plays well, he might get 20+ minutes. If he gets in foul trouble, we’ll probably only see him for about 10 minutes (the same as Jodie).

DeAndre gets very spotty minutes. In the month of April, DeAndre only played in 4 of the Magic’s 14 games, so there’s a good chance we may not see Liggins in this series at all. There’s always the possibility of foul trouble or someone mugging J.J. Reddick in the parking lot before the game, but don’t keep your hopes up.

UPDATE: DeAndre Liggins is not on the Magic’s active playoff roster.

You were a lot more optimistic earlier, is everything ok?

No. I really was hoping to see Jodie Meeks get some more opportunities to play in the 76ers loss to the Bulls. He’d been playing a lot and doing well and…I just don’t want to talk about it.

Ok….What time is the game on?

The game starts at 7:00 and will be aired on ESPN.

Did Daniel or DeAndre finish the season strong?

Why do you keep asking that? Yes, they both did. In the final game of the season (with starters resting) DeAndre played a career-high 24 minutes, scored a career-high 7 points, grabbed a career-high 5 rebounds and also registered a career-high 4 personal fouls. Hopefully his strong performance will get him an opportunity to get some minutes tonight.

Daniel played in every one of Orlando’s last 10 games, registering 20+ minutes 5 times. Despite the increased time on the court, Orton’s play remained inconsistent. His best game came against the Cavs on April 15th when he scored 11 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and added 5 steals and 3 blocks. He’s been prone to foul trouble and he hasn’t been rebounding all that well, but if Jeremy Lin can do it, why not Daniel Orton.

How many points do you think they’ll each score tonight?

Daniel will probably score 23 points. I think DeAndre will score 15 points on the basketball game app he has on his iPhone.

How do you know DeAndre has a basketball game app on his iPhone?

Doesn’t everyone?

I am getting sick of talking to you, who do you think will win?

Magic in 5 games. #Ortsanity is about to begin!

You’re an idiot. Who does everyone else think will win?

Thank you.

The Orlando Sentinel takes a look at tonights matchups.

Yahoo Sports thinks the Pacers will win in 5.

Indy Corn Rows thinks the Pacers will win (surprise, surprise). gives you the betting odds and picks Pacers to win.


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