NBA Cats Playoff Preview: Jodie Meeks vs. Derrick Rose


Jodie Meeks vs. Derrick Rose: Who will get the best of who?

This is the 76ers, it’s not Jodie Meeks. He’s a very good player, that, what difference does it make, our teams ahead by two, Ole Miss is playing very good, this is not a one-man team, and that’s really a bad question.

Did you know that Derrick Rose was coached by John Calipari at Memphis?


What time does the game start?

The game will get started this afternoon at 1:00 over on TNT, so if you already have plans for this afternoon, you need to cancel them and make sure you are near a television at 1:00. Jodie needs your support.

Jodie has been in a shooting slump most of the season, did he finish strong?

Why that’s a great question myself. Jodie finished the season strong, scoring 42 points in the last two games of the regular season, including a 27-point performance against Milwaukee. He has been in a shooting slump, only connecting on 36% of his three-point attempts during the regular season, but I mean c’mon, he’s Jodie freaking Meeks.

How much playing time will Jodie get?

76ers head coach Doug Collins has switched the lineup around several times during the regular season, occasionally starting Evan Turner over Meeks, but Collins absolutely loves him some Jodie Meeks (earlier this season he called Meeks the best “cutter” on the team). Expect to see Jodie get between 25-30 minutes a game during the playoffs and start throughout.

How many points will Jodie score today?

Meeks is going to score 54 points today. To be honest though, I’ve been saying that Meeks is “going to score 54 points today” since January 14th, 2009.

Who do you think will win?

My relentless belief that teams with UK players are always superior to their opposition – no matter who the opposition is and no matter what the circumstances are – is urging me to tell you that Jodie Meeks is going to go off this afternoon, score 54 points, and lead the 76ers to a resounding 124-37 victory over the Chicago Bulls. My vast knowledge of the game of basketball is telling me to tell you that while it’s highly unlikely any of that will happen…it will still happen.

Who do other people think will win?

Stop asking bad questions.

What time does the game start again, I forgot already?

It starts at 1:00 on TNT.

I want a real playoff preview, these questions are stupid?

I was just about to say that.

Yahoo Sports thinks the Bulls will win in 5. picks Bulls to win in 5.

Liberty Ballers are cautiously optimistic, think 76ers could win. thinks, you guessed it, the Bulls win in 5.

– The Bleacher Report thinks…sorry I’m waiting for it to load. (10 minutes later) Screw it.


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