NBA Cats Playoff Preview: Josh Harrellson vs. Lebron James


Why did Josh shave his awesome mustache?

I have no idea, but it made me very sad.

Josh started the season hot and then got injured, did he finish strong?

Josh finished very strong. With most of the starters resting the final game of the season, Josh played 30 minutes, finishing with 18 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks.

How much playing time will Josh get?

That’s a very difficult question to answer. On the season, Josh averaged 14.1 mpg, but his playing time has been sporadic at best. Out of the 13 games the Knicks played in April, Josh didn’t see the court in 5 of them. Big men, even those that might not play that much during the regular season, usually see their minutes increase in the playoffs. Hopefully that happens to Josh. Our best guess would be that Josh will play between 7-14 minutes a game and play in every playoff game. But who knows. NBA coaches are fickle.

I still can’t get over Josh shaving his mustache, WHY would he do that?

Look man, I have no idea. I want Josh to have a mustache just as bad as the next guy, but we have to just move on. #Jortstache is dead.

How many points will Josh score today?

If you don’t count the final game of the season when Josh scored 18 points, the most he scored in the month of April was 4 points. With that said, I think he will go off this afternoon and set a new career-high of 42 points.

Who do you think is going to win?

Many people are predicting that the Heat will win, but I honestly think the Knicks can compete with the Heat, and Jalen Rose agrees. I think this series will come down to who has Josh Harrellson on their team, and unfortunately for the Heat, that’s the Knicks. I think they’ll win in 7 games.

Lebron James is pretty good, do you really think the Knicks are going to win?

Josh Harrellson is pretty good, do you really think the Heat are going to win?

Do you think Josh will throw the ball off Lebron’s chest, like he did to Jared Sullinger?


Why do you always do these stupid questions for the playoff previews?

I have no idea.

Yahoo Sports thinks the Heat will in 6.

CBS Sports thinks the Heat will sweep the series.

Fox News thinks the Heat will win in 5.

NBC Sports thinks the Heat will win in 6.


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