NBA Cats Playoff Preview: Kelenna Azubuike vs. Nazr Mohammed

(that’s Nazr Mohammed’s hand)

Here we go again…

Was that a question?

Earlier you told us that DeAndre Liggins was active, and then we find out he’s not. Do you know if Kelenna Azubuike and Nazr Mohammed are active?

From everything I can tell, they are both listed as active. I just finished reading the Mavericks’ and Thunders’ media notes for tonight’s game and neither were listed in the Inactive section. One reason they might not have been listed in the Inactive section is because most media notes don’t have an Inactive section, thus making it hard to tell who is active before the game, especially when you’re tracking 16 different players on 13 different teams.

Your guess is as good as mine. I think they are active.

Kelenna has really had to fight back from a bad knee injury, did he finish the season strong?

As a matter of fact he did. Azubuike made his debut for the Mavericks on April 20th, 2012 against the Golden State Warriors, logging 6 minutes. It was the first time Azubuike had played in the NBA since November 11th, 2009. His best game of the season came during the last game of the season, when he scored his first points as a Maverick and wound up with 7 points.

Nazr has been in the league for 14 seasons now, how is he holding up?

He is holding up great. Nazr played in almost every game for the Thunder this season, playing in 63 of their 66 games. Given the shortened season and condensed schedule, he held up admirably. He doesn’t score much, but Nazr is a tough defender, excellent rebounder and even better teammate.

How many minutes should I expect to see Kelenna play tonight?

You’re guess is as good as mine. He only played in 3 games all season, so I suspect he won’t be seeing the floor that much. He is very strong looking, so it’s possible he could intimidate his coach into playing him, but it’s a long shot. Best case scenario Azubuike plays 5 minutes.

What about Nazr?

He averaged 8 minutes a game during the month of April, so I expect to see him play around 8 minutes.

How many points do you think they will score tonight?

If Kelenna plays I think he’ll score 38 points in 5 minutes. If he doesn’t, I think he’ll score 8 points in 0 minutes.

Nazr will score 4 points and grab 38 rebounds.

Who should I be cheering for, there are NBA Cats on both teams?

I would cheer for the Thunder. Nazr needs a second NBA championship ring. But you could also cheer for the Mavericks, it would be nice to see Kelenna get his first NBA championship. I would cheer for them both. You can’t lose!

What time does the game start?

The action begins at 9:30 over on ESPN.

Are we done yet?


CBS Sports thinks the Thunder will win in 5.

Pardon My Bias thinks the Thunder will win in 6.

NBC Sports think the Thunder will win in 6.


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