Kelenna Azubuike and Nazr Mohammed will be at the game tonight at 9:30 on TNT, they might play


Kelenna Azubuike did not play in Game 1 of the Mavericks’ first round playoff game against the Fighting Mohammed’s. We had hoped Azubuike would intimidate his head coach, Rick Carlisle, into playing him, but he’s just too nice. Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands and that’s why we’re moving to plan B. We need people living in Dallas, Texas to obtain and send us scandalous picture of either Mark Cuban or Rick Carlisle. We will then use these pictures to blackmail them into playing Azubuike. Please help us, Azubuike needs your help.


Nazr Mohammed also did not play in Game 1 of the Thunders’ first round playoff game against the Attacking Azubuike’s. Nazr had played in 63 of 66 regular season games, so it was surprising to not see Nazr play, but it happened and there’s nothing we can do it about it now. Or is there? While we suggested intimidation for Kelenna, Nazr isn’t nearly as intimidating as Azubuike is, so he’s not going to be scaring his coach into playing him. The best we can really hope for is Kendrick Perkins fouling out in the first quarter. If that doesn’t work (and to be honest it doesn’t seem likely) we will most likely contact Tonya Harding and talk to her about what it would take to “Kerrigan” Kendrick Perkins in the lockeroom just hope he plays tonight.

Live Attacking Azubuike’s vs. Fighting Mohammed’s Gamecast Link


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